About Dovey Dental

We are all about being a progressive dental office. We have a helpful and fun staff, and we are located in the heart of Pacific Beach providing a relaxed beachy atmosphere. We incorporate our laser technology for healthy gums along with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry using bonding, porcelain restorations, and Invisalign. We also use nitrous oxide and oral sedation for relaxing our nervous patients. Many of our patients also enjoy watching netflix or listening to music on noise cancelling headphones to make their appointment more pleasant. We treat children, adults, and elderly and look forward to meeting you.


Dr. Dovey is located between Mission Bay and La Jolla in Pacific Beach. We offer all phases of cosmetic dentistry to improve our patients’ smiles. Our practice is amalgam-free using the latest in composite technology to help preserve teeth. We believe in excellent dentistry in a relaxed environment, and we pride ourselves on excellent patient care.

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About us - Patient Care

After the complete exam, the patient’s needs are considered first and foremost. If a patient has not been to a dentist for awhile and is anxious, we start out slow by giving the patient lots of TLC and helping the patient to get over the hurdle of completing treatment. Whether it is a simple filling or full mouth restoration, we always make sure the patient is comfortable during the procedure. We perform many procedures including composite fillings, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, Zoom® teeth whitening, bonding, periodontal therapy, implant prosthetics, dentures, occlusal splints, retainers and some extractions.


Dr. Dovey’s dental practice has made superior patient care its highest priority. Our commitment is to provide an optimal level of care combined with satisfaction and comfort.